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Our pharmacy is located in the CBD of Perth. It’s not normally a place
where you would think of regular, long term customers or a community of customers in the regular suburban or rural sense. Most people would imagine the pharmacy’s feeder demographic to be a transient population, primarily office workers who live in the suburbs, and
a small number of inner-city dwellers and tourists.

Our pharmacy is also close to several public hospital outpatient
clinics. Some of the people who work in the outpatient mental health clinic, and the patients, were our customers.

Through the general everyday chatter that pharmacists have with customers it emerged that a dose administration aid
service was a priority for some of the patients. It was something we could do, so we began doing this.

This slowly grew and over time stronger relationships developed between us, the patients, the case managers and the treating physicians. We could monitor patient compliance and feed this back to the case managers and treating psychiatrists.

This in some cases led to tailored staged supply being introduced to
monitor compliance. Over time, our service evolved from a supply service, to a disease state management service tailored to the individual patient.

The level of service has grown to now looking after approximately 600 patients as well as providing a comprehensive Clopine® (clozapine) service, supplying depot injections, dose administration aids and tailored staged supply services.

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