Are you about to set off on your next big adventure?

We can give you the shot you need to get you going.

Whether you’re setting out on an adventure-packed trek through the African jungle or a sun-soaked stay in Bali, planning to stay healthy should be top of your travel to-do list!

At Cravens Pharmacy, we have an on-site nurse practitioner who can get you vaccinated and ready to go in no time.

The best part is with no long waits you’ll be heading off sooner!


Why get Vaccinations?

During your travels, you could be at risk of picking up infectious diseases that we don’t have here in Australia. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself by making sure you get the right travel health advice that may include medications and vaccinations, before you leave.

How far out do I need to get Vaccinated?

Getting sick while you’re overseas can be a nightmare, so before you check-in for your flight, check-in with Craven’s Medical travel clinic six to eight weeks before you leave.

If you’re leaving sooner contact us with the attached form and we’ll let you know what can be done. Most often we’ll still be able to help.

Can I get vaccinated for Yellow Fever here?

You will be pleased to know we are also an approved Yellow Fever vaccine centre. No running around and no multiple stops. Being a pharmacy and a clinic we can also supply you with any other incidentals you’ll need on your trip.

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