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About Us

Craven’s Pharmacy has been the Heartbeat of the Perth CBD since 1898 when Mr. Craven first opened up under the Perth Town Hall.

After a quick 100 years looking after Perth city residents and workers we are now located just up the road at the Corner of Pier and Hay St.

Craven’s Pharmacy is a little different from your average Pharmacy. We are a one-stop shop where you can have prescriptions written as well as dispensed and leave confidently knowing we have addressed all your health concerns. We still hold to the ethos of the founder in that care always comes first.

We’re open when you’re walking in to work from 7:30am each weekday, and still available for advice and serving customers till 6pm at night. Need help on a Saturday? We’re open from 8:30am till 5pm too.

At Craven’s Pharmacy your good health is our number one priority.

We understand time is critical in the city and with this in mind we run one of the highest ratio of Pharmacists to customers in Perth. It’s not uncommon for 3 to 5 Pharmacists to be available at any one time.

Not only that our team have years of experience, the average Pharmacist at Craven’s has 10+ years experience which means you get better care, better service, and better advice.

Save another trip to the doctor and come see us first.

Have a question? Come past and one of our team will be happy to help. Can’t make it in? Fill out the contact form and we will be back in touch in no time.

Breaking away from the traditional pharmacy model not only can we fill your prescriptions, with an in house Nurse Practitioner you can have scripts written and filled on site. No more long waits at the doctor, or excessive time away from work.

After 128 years in the business we know what works. We don’t cut corners, we provide you with a holistic approach, and we make sure to keep the best Pharmacists in the industry.

For great service, advice, and support come into Craven’s Pharmacy today.

Our Services

General Well-being

Craven’s is committed to the health and wellbeing of our clients and have a range of services like smoking cessation, weight loss, and Men’s & Women’s health to help you.

Health Checks

Think it’s about time for your bi-annual checkup? Our on-site Nurse Practitioner can run a range of Health Checks to make sure you’re in good shape.

Medical Certificates

Don’t wait hours at the local GP just to find out what you already know. Our Nurse Practitioner can issue sick certificates and prescribe the medication to get you better at the same time.

Nurse Practitioner

Sick of waiting for Doctors? Tired of forking over large amounts of cash for short visits? Come see our Nurse practitioner today. Able to quickly diagnose, test, and treat we’ve got the solution for you.


Looking for quick turnaround pathology? We can process you from our convenient CBD location and get your results back quick.


Need a script filled in the CBD? Our team of Pharmacists can help. With quick turnaround and qualified staff, we’re ready to help.

Travel Health

Heading overseas, don’t get taken for a ride getting your vaccinations. Our on-site Nurse Practitioner can have you Vaccinated and ready to go in no time. Walk-ins or Bookings available.


Need to see a specialist? A quick trip to our Nurse Practitioner could have you on your way there sooner. Bookings available now.


No long waits, no big travel vaccination bills. From Flu Shots to Travel Packs our on site Nurse Practitioner can have you vaccinated quick. Walk-in or book now.

Webster Packing

Do you take more than one medicine? Are you concerned about management of your medicine intake? Webster Packing is the solution for you. Let our team take care of the trouble.

General Advice

At Craven’s we have more pharmacists than most other stores. Where some will run one or two, we run 4, 5, and 6. Why? Better advice and better service for you.