Weight loss in Perth city!
Improve your health at your local Craven’s Pharmacy with our medically supervised, easy to follow, safe and effective support.

Tired? Sluggish? Brain fog? Weight gain?

Individualised medicine is the way of the future. Let us personalise a sustainable plan for you.

Regain your health in four easy steps.

1. Medical assessment is very important. We are serious about optimising your health and devising an individualised plan for you that works. Our assessment will include measurements, including blood pressure and blood tests where appropriate.

2. Personalised sustainable plan that suits your various health conditions and your lifestyle.

3. Implementation of the plan – this is what you do!

4. Monitor progress – regularly check in with us to monitor your progress. We can support you to keep on track and guide you to adapt your plan as needed.

Convenient, in Perth city, health improvement and weight loss support.

If you’d like to know more or have a chat with one of our qualified team, call us now on (08) 9325 4375. If you don’t have time to call send us a message on the contact form and one of our team will be in touch.

You’ve got a team on board and located right in the heart of the city. Get started today.