Are you ready to quit or talk about quitting? Tired of chewing mints to hide the smoker’s breath or having to hide your smoking habit? Fed up with handing over ever increasing amounts of cash for packs of cigarettes?

We can help.

Concerned about your health, longevity, or the prospect of a life threatening smoking related illness?

We can help.

From over the counter nicotine replacements to prescription medications designed to help curb cravings, we have the tools to help you on this journey.

Our team of Pharmacists and Nurse Practitioners are on hand to help you.

Our Nurse Practitioner can help you quit smoking by:

  • Writing Prescriptions for Patches or Tablets that suit you best
  • Undertaking health checks to catch any problems early
  • Design a quitting plan to work with your progress
  • Follow up and help you get back on the horse if you stumble

Conveniently located in the heart of the city we’re set and ready to go when you are. Walk-ins are fine, swing past over lunch today.

To find out more call us now on (08) 9325 4375 and one of our friendly staff will show you how to get started.

Alternatively if you have any questions use the contact form attached and we’ll get back in touch.